Proprietorship Registration

Sole Proprietorship Registration Fee is @ ₹ 2,499/-

Start your business as proprietorship easily within one day. There is no specific registration requirement for proprietorship business. However, to start the same some other registrations are required as it is included in our basic package.

How to Do Sole Proprietorship Registration

The Sole Proprietorship is the simplest form of business in which enterprises can start, Only one person invests entire capital in the firm, and he alone is entitled to the profits of the business. For a Proprietorship Firm, there is no registration as such, and it starts at the will of the proprietor/owner without obtaining any certification. However, registration with Goods and Services Tax (GST for Proprietorship Firm) and obtaining TAN number for complying with the TDS related provisions of the Income Tax Act is desirable and necessary. Bankers also insist for two KYC documents in the name of the firm to open a Current Bank Account in the name of Proprietorship Firm. We are available to assist in the starting proprietorship firms all over India.

Minimum Requirements of Proprietorship Registration

A Proprietorship can be registered in India, by one person. Person must be a resident in India and Citizan.

Start Immediately

A Proprietorship can commence its business immediately at the will of the proprietor, there is no specific registration is mandatory, however GST and MSME is desirable.

Tax Benefit

The income of the proprietorship Firm is included in the income of its proprietor itself. Hence slab based income tax rates apply, which results in a substantial tax benefit.

No Foreign Funding

The foreign Investment (FDI) is not permissible in a proprietorship, However an NRI can invest in proprietorship firm provided the profits are not repatriated out of India.

Easy to Close

In case the proprietorship is no longer required, it can be closed easily, just surrender all registrations and licenses obtained by the proprietorship business.

Documents Required to Register Proprietorship

The documentation plays a pivotal role in registration of proprietorship, it must be recent and eligible

  1. Proof of Registered Address
  2. It should not be older than 2 months
  3. NOC from the Owner of Premises
  4. Canceled Cheque of Proprietor
  1. Two Photograph
  2. Copy of PAN Card
  3. Valid Identity Proof
  4. Latest Address Proof